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g e s s l r   |   George Napier

I'm a happy dad, VO artist and composer of ambient, electronic, and collage-based musics ... and the occasional video or soundtrack. This site has current and past projects, interesting finds, and helpful info on music and sound production.

(Check out StoryAudio for information on my voice over, audiobook, and podcast work.)

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Kenopsia Soundset Previews...

New Zealand based composer and sound designer emptyvessel has created an AMAZING set of presets for Arturia's Pigments called "Kenopsia." This video highlights a dozen or so atmospheric / pad sounds from the set...

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Not until we are lost, do we begin to understand...

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How do we tell the people in the white coats, tama na?

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We all return to a person, a place, or ourselves eventually...

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Some ambient, low intensity, and quiet pieces featuring found sounds, atmospherics, modular, and various software.

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