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About that promise....

So have I been slacking off? Whatever happened to "a project a month?"

Well.....I have been working on creative projects that have been published online....just not here.

Back in April I did a video for my pal Robert Holmes for his piece entitled "Song for Oberon." For me, the music invoked images of a spiritual journey (of sorts) and the tension of the unknown as that path is traveled.

In May I posted "Lost in Translation".

Next up in June was a remake of Stephen Bishop's song "Madge." This one was an ambient and melancholy cover of Stephen Bishop's tune of loss and lasting love. Robert did vocal/guitars/keys/production, Roger Hooper created piano and string parts, and I contributed some synth bits and bobs and created the video.

The first version of this is a bit darker. It's exactly the same until the last 30 seconds or so. A couple of folks (Robert included) thought it was too dark, and he suggested the ending you see above. If you want to see the original ending, it is available here.

My July project didn't pan out for a number of reasons, but I'm hoping to hit it from a different angle next month.

Most recently in August, I helped Robert on his cover tune of Linda Ronstadt's tune "Long Long Time". The line up was as follows: Guitars, Keys, Vocals: Robert Holmes; Bass, Drums, Vocals: Chuck Townsend; Piano: Roger Hooper; Synth bits and bobs: Me

So, that's it. I panicked for a minute when I looked at this site and my Bandcamp page and did not see an entry since the spring! I was worried that I had been a slacker after making my "grand announcement" that I would complete a "project a month." It took me a minute to realize that I have been busy creatively, just in a slightly different way.


Until next time, peace and perspective!

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