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Pt 3: Vintage Synth Repair: An OB•12 and The Hero's Journey

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Robert Darnall is a damn interesting guy. If I remember the story correctly, his father worked at Intel in design and his mother was degreed in music. Working for Viscount (after other endeavors) combined those two sides of his personality nicely.

I shipped the OB•12 to Mr. Darnall after deciding that a 6 hour round trip was a bit more than what I wanted to do considering that shipping the unit to him was under $100. He received it just before Christmas. By early January he had taken a look and diagnosed the problems:

  • The OB12 has an interesting design feature (flaw?). If the LCD screen fails, the keyboard will not boot up. I had a bad screen.

  • Also, several of the wires from the CPU were damaged. Best as he could tell, someone used an oscilloscope improperly to test things and damaged the wires in the process. (Most likely it was the repair shop, but there is no way to be 100% sure.)

Mr. Darnall quickly repaired these issues, cleaned the contacts and generally refurbished the board. His communication and professionalism were truly outstanding.

The OB•12 arrived, packed expertly, and, well, it worked!

I asked him about helping other OB12 owners with their units. He checked with Viscount headquarters in Italy about service in other regions and received permission to service OB•12 units worldwide.

His contact information is as follows:

Robert Darnall

service 'AT'

Viscount North America

Parts, Technical & Service Support


I hope your journey, with your OB•12 is successful.

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